Switch from Flickr to Google Photos

I have made the decision to switch my photo storage from Flickr to Google Photos. I apologise if this is an inconvenience for anyone. I have made this decision for the following reasons:

– Followers have reported issues when using the Flickr app. While the desktop version of Flickr seems to work well, I want to make sure that everything on the blog is mobile friendly, and that followers can see the photos without issues.

– I have experienced numerous issues uploading photos using the Flickr app. I had resorted to using a third-party app to upload photos to Flickr.

– While I used Flickr for the blog because I had used Flickr in the past, the truth is that Flickr is a dying platform. Yahoo is no longer funding development of Flickr, and it shows through the poor performance mentioned above. Time to rip off the bandage!

All photos of the trip will now be available through Google Photos via the link on the floating social menu on Groundwerk.org (replacing the old Flickr link). The link to the album is also shown below if you would like to add it to your bookmarks. Google Photos offers a very similar experience to Flickr. Please let me know if you experience any issues using Google Photos.


Kind regards and thanks for following!

Heath (Chief Walking Officer)

Published by

Heath @ Groundwerk

Chief Walking Officer at groundwerk.org, a blog for those wishing to follow my walk across Europe and help me raise money for charity.

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