The route consists of the E4 European long distance path, which is comprised of a number of existing national trails and paths. Details of the trails, paths, and communities for each country are listed on the national pages below. While walking the E4, I also need to consider the following:

Path Options – The E4 has options in Spain, Germany, and Serbia. I am planning to take the southern option in Spain, and the northern (subalpine) option in Germany so that I can walk through the area where my wife’s family lives. The eastern branch that runs through Romania is apparently not finished/marked, so I am opting to take the western branch through Serbia.

Avoiding Roads & Weather – While I am somewhat of a traditionalist, I also need to keep safety in mind. I may decide to deviate slightly from the E4 in some spots to avoid long stretches of road walking or unsafe conditions.

Many thanks to John Hayes for providing navigation information from his adventures on the E4 path. John walked the E4 from Tarifa, Spain to Budapest, Hungary in 2011. He has since completed some amazing walks and cycling trips, which he documents on his blog “John Hayes Walks” (

Details of the route are provided by the European Ramblers Association ( and

Route map image ©Maximilian Dörrbecker

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