Bush Heritage is a non-profit conservation organisation dedicated to protecting Australia’s unique animals, plants and their habitats.

Enabled by the generosity of our supporters, we own and manage private conservation reserves throughout Australia, covering around a million hectares.

Our reserves are managed in a similar way to National Parks – the land is legally protected, with the intention of safeguarding it forever.

We also build partnerships with other landowners to support conservation management on their properties. Through these innovative conservation partnerships, along with the more than 35 reserves we directly own, we’re now protecting more than 6 million hectares of the most ecologically important and threatened landscapes across Australia.



Australia is an amazing place, filled with plants and animals unlike any other found on earth. I have had the privilege of walking through some beautiful landscapes, and the uniquely Australian plants and animals make everyday life in Australia astounding.

Unfortunately, many of these plant and animal species are under extreme pressure. They face habitat loss from mining and other development, death from feral animals and invasive plants, and they are being lost to pollution, climate change, and run-ins with people. If we do not make a conscious effort to preserve these incredible Aussie species, they will be lost. Many species are threatened or near extinction. Let’s try to keep that from happening by giving them a fighting chance through conservation.

As a new Australian citizen, I feel that it is my duty to help.



If you are in Australia, donate to Bush Heritage Australia here:

Donate to BHA

If you are in the United States, donate to Bush Heritage Australia through Friends of the Australian Bush Heritage Fund here:

Donate to BHA

After making a donation, please also post a comment below saying “I DONATED!“.


  1. I donated on behalf of groundwerk.org! Heath, I’m very proud of your accomplishments and letting me be part of it through your great web site photos and posts. It’s unreal to know that you hiked through the last two countries with serious injuries. There is no doubt you would have completed all the countries planed, if not for the pain you were enduring. Following your track, I have looked forward to everyday. But your health is my important and know you at some point, you may finish this challenge. Thanks again for being who you are. Love Dad

  2. I donated on behalf of groundwork.org Thank you for letting me follow you through these seven great countries. I’m proud of your accomplishments, including walking through the last two countries injured. Also thanks for the outstanding web site and posts. Get well and I know I see you walking the trails again…..Love Dad

  3. I donated on behalf of groundwerk.org! Great work getting through France. Very challenging both physically and mentally on the trail! I’m very proud of you and your abilities. It show your dedication with the web site, photo’s and blogs. Love Ya, Dad

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