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  • MRF has chosen Bush Heritage Australia, Our Children’s Trust, and Migraine Research Foundation as the worthy beneficiaries of your donations.



I have donated US$250 each to Bush Heritage Australia, Our Children’s Fund and the Migraine Research Foundation on behalf of



I encourage everyone to donate what you can to these fine charities. For further information about each charity and a link to their donation sites, please use the above links to visit the individual charity pages here at

After making a donation, please also post a comment to the charity page saying “I DONATED!“. It will be very motivating to see a long list of donation comments!

One thought on “CHARITIES

  1. We donated! Congratulations on walking across three countries (Spain, France and Switzerland). We couldn’t be more proud of you for what you’ve accomplished and for the courage to continue to make your dream come true. We love you. Mom & Dad

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