Citizenship Break

Now that I have arrived in Tarragona, the scheduling could not be better, as I am within a short train ride of Barcelona airport. If you are not aware of my situation, here is some background:

I am an American citizen that has been living in Australia for almost five years. Before starting my walk, I applied for and was granted Australian citizenship. However, the process is not complete until I attend a citizenship ceremony. I have been waiting (anxiously) for many months for a date to be assigned for the citizenship ceremony. Finally, the date was assigned for June 21. I will be flying back to Australia this Sunday for about two weeks to attend the citizenship ceremony and to apply for my Australian passport, which will then make me an Australian citizen.

I can’t express to you how proud I am to become an Australian citizen. Australia is a beautiful place with beautiful people, and it has been very welcoming to both my wife and me. I just hope that, whatever I do, I make Australia proud.

For those of you following, fear not! I already have a return flight to Spain in a couple of weeks and will be picking up where I left off. I look forward to tackling the rest of Catalonia, the Pyrenees and France upon my return.

During my break, I plan to publish a Q&A post with common questions about my walk so far, so stay tuned for that. If you have any specific questions that you are curious about, ping me and I’ll gladly include those.

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