Video Summary #1

It’s been several weeks since I started this journey. As promised, I have put together a short summary video of those first few weeks, which includes my favorite photos and a few short clips set to music. I will try to create summary videos like this every few weeks. For now, I have just posted it here, but I may start a YouTube channel moving forward.

A few notes about this video:

– I want to dedicate this first video to my wife Sabine. While I have seen some amazing places on this trip, it is not the same travelling without her.

– The volume of the video is a bit low, so you may need to turn up your sound volume.

– I have included both SD and HD versions below. If you are on a mobile data plan, stick to the SD version, otherwise enjoy the higher quality of the HD version.

SD Version (38mb):

HD Version (119mb):

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Heath @ Groundwerk

Chief Walking Officer at, a blog for those wishing to follow my walk across Europe and help me raise money for charity.

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