Back in the Saddle

Well, I had to take a couple of days off in Ronda to let my bad feet heal up a bit, but am back at it. Just need to limit the distance for a few days.

The short stretch from Ubrique to Villaluenga de Rosario was nice, with green valleys and very rocky hilltops. Villaluenga was essentially walled in by big rocky cliffs. I ended up camping just past Villaluenga.

The next day from Villaluenga to Ronda, was stunningly beautiful, but was also a very difficult walk. Not only were my feet hurting, but the hard climbs a decents through the rocks took a lot of energy. Saw a snake in the valley before arriving in Montejaque for a quick coffee break. Climb out of Montejaque was more switchbacks followed by steady downhill to the valley below Ronda. Once I got close to Ronda, the path had been recently re-routed to climb up to La Indiana and then follow the bottom of the gorge, directly under Ronda before finally making the steep climb on the tourist steps to the old part of the city on the South end. That re-route added a few extra kilometers, and was tough at the end of the long day.

Ronda was very lively with the height of tourist season setting in, and it was a shame that I wasn’t more mobile. After I couple of rest days, I felt well enough to continue.

The way from Ronda to Serrato was poorly marked, and while Arriate was nice, the first third was a bit boring and was mostly on paved roads. However, once I got away from the main road, it opened up into another fantastic valley with rolling hills. Must say that I didn’t miss the steep climbs and decents on this piece. Easier on​my feet.

Not sure where I will sleep tonight, but would like to look for a place to camp. Plan to go to Ardales tomorrow, although most things will be closed for Easter Sunday.

Walking days: 7

Total distance walked: 198.3 km

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